PPC Campaigns

PPC outsourcingPPC Advertising Services

We offer a full-service PPC management and consulting: from designing an effective campaign that targets high-value keywords, through writing catchy ads (we have copywriters on board fluent in English) to launching it, monitoring, optimizing for best performance, delivering detailed analytics and reports.

PPC Track Record of Success

So far we have managed hundreds of thousands PLN and dollars in Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click spending across multiple industries and verticals for both Polish and American customers. We have a proven track record of helping clients lower their marketing costs while getting the maximum return on their PPC advertising investment.

Why Hire PPC Pros

Google Adwords PPC service allows you to get top Google ranks in 24 hours and immediately bring highly targeted traffic to your website. Well-devised and professionally handled PPC campaign will attract more clients, sales and business. If your PPC marketing is not done by seasoned professionals, you may lose your budget on that. And we have a 6-year experience in managing and monitoring PPC campaigns to get maximum exposure for our clients within budget.